Editor’s Note: Issue 2.3

By John Chao

LIKE THE CYCLE OF LIFE in our human journey, windsurfing has a similar growth cycle. In this issue, the whole spectrum is represented.


Walking on Water, Sex & the Windsurfer Windmakers

Air Mail

Equipment Dump, Pryde & a Better Life

Makin’ Waves

Trends in Racing, Strap Surfing, and Fart Books

Wrapped in White Noise

By Maui Meyer


Photograph Sequence of Robby Naish

By Darrell Wong

Why I am a Lawyer!

By Timothy MB Farrell

Making it in Margarita

By Sam Moses

Discovering Margarita

By Andre Salinas

Living by the Wind

By Connie Winter

Stepping out on faith and finding a new life.

The Mini Windsurfers

By John Chao

Mini Windsurfers: Interviews

By John Chao

Kids share their windsurfing experiences with American Windsurfer.

Club News

Get Paid to go Windsurfing: Become an Instructor!

By Scott See

Romancing The Wind

Is Windsurfing better than Sex?

By Ronald D. Adler

When you get tired or bored with your windsurfing equipment you can trade it in without ruining someone's life.