Editor’s Note: 6.1

By John Chao

Now that we are back on terra firma, it’s easy to sit back and glorify a conquest on the high seas. The trials and tribulations of the trip have all been elevated into nostalgic moments of thrills, spills and chills


Make a WindMaker Cry

The big secret Kim Ball has been hiding from us was the fact that he has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Nebraska, but never entered the journalism field.

Air Mail

Another Legend for Beauty and Tears

Really like the article about John Kerry. Seems he and I have travelled several similar paths, though I was an infantry officer in Vietnam, he was a damn sailor. (Thank God, I didn’t get into his politics, however).

Makin’ Waves

Sowing Seeds with BIG Waves

HOW BIG of a wave do you need to have in order to make it to the November cover of National Geographic Magazine? The answer is a pretty Big Wave.

Featured Articles

Trans-Atlantic Windsurf Race

By Ken Winner

You’re used to taking reality in bite-sized, well-cooked chunks, preferably, with a béarnaise sauce on the side. Now, you’re facing a groaning great board of bloody venison—and somehow you have to choke it down.


1999 Equipment Preview with Ken Winner

By Ken Winner

Forehead-slap-entertaining though these new products may be, the real action for 1999—the changes that look like they’ll shape windsurfing for years to come—have to do with the same old themes: board and sail design and construction.

Featured Articles

Cry Uncle at the US Nationals

By Kim Ball

“There was a lot of butt-kicking going on . . . , but it was Mother Nature who was wearing the boot.”

Featured Articles

WindGliding the Grenadines

By Alex Johnson and John John Chao

So! The four kids, Alex 13, John 11, Robby 9 and Katie 8, fly down to the Grenadines with their parents in tow. . . after all, they are minors and the parents. . . well, they just had to be there.


Balau: Sail-shaped Isles

By Douglas Faulkner

The Earth’s 46 million centuries of existence may never be dramatized in any meaningful way for its history has been enacted on too vast a stage for the human audience.

Featured Articles

The TransAtlantic Windemption

By Eddy Patricelli

Take four US amateur windsurfers. Put them on a boat headed for England. Provide them with tons of gear they've never seen before, and a coach capable of racing circles around them. Add 25 foot seas, and place them in a race against some of the world's best windsurfers. What do you have?

Featured Articles

Planes, Trains, Buses, Reindeer & WingSurfers

By John Chao

On top of it all, no one told me that Santa had left for Aruba on vacation. Course I should have known. This was April and Lapland was just starting to thaw out and the long days were beginning to bud out into the long nights.