Volume 10: Issue 1

Published in 2004

Featured Articles


Editor’s Note: Issue 10.1

By Will Harper

Summer arrived this morning, inching quietly toward me from the East. I watched as the dawn of the solstice spread her pink light on the glassy Columbia below. It was a beautiful sunrise.

Makin’ Waves

In Search of Secret Service…

By John Chao

After giving his acceptance speech for winning the New Hampshire primary, John Kerry came up to me marveling at the number of American Windsurfer magazines he had been asked to autograph.



Blending windsurfing and photography is its own artform. Catching the perfect moment on film (pixels, nowadays) can be as thrilling as the sport itself.


Sean Ordonez:

By Will Harper

His name is not exactly a household word, even in the windsurfing world. Though his work has been seen and appreciated by thousands


Destiny’s Doc

By John Chao

It was in the middle of winter and Hood River had just been blanketed by four feet of snow when the offer came again to go on a Caribbean cruise. The offer had been standing for three years but never accepted till now.