Editor Note: 6. 2


Making a WindMaker Test

THE MAKING OF this issue, the first American Windsurfer equipment test review came to life riding on the talents and dedication of a team of WindMakers.

Air Mail

Inspiration, Honor & Hitting the Target

I just received my January issue yesterday. As usual, you did a great job in conveying the spirit of windsurfing in a way no other publication can approach.

Makin’ Waves

…There’s a Rumbling in the Sky

Bob Dylan might have been watching a few of us in the windsurfing world when he wrote the beginning lyrics to his song, Trying to Get to Heaven.

Featured Articles

1999 Equipment Test – Wave & High Wind Gear

By Ken Winner

Windsurfing is about freedom, soul, camaraderie, nature; it’s about wind in your hair, spray in your face and a bunch more of that fuzzy, warm, poetic stuff. But get real; it’s also about equipment.

1999 Equipment Test: BOARDS

By Ken Winner

Every September, when the new boards are all on public display for the first time at the windsurfing trade show, industry people blow a lot of hot air about which designs are best.

1999 SAIL Test

By Ken Winner

THE BIG NEWS in sail design lately has been truncated tips. We talked about this in the last issue (Volume 6, number 1, Windmills) and then on Maui got to see the effect of the new designs on the full range of sailors.


So You Want to Be A Wave Sailor

By Mike Piltzecker

Looking up above your mast you focus on the crest of the wave. Your stomach drops and your heart races. Your board connects with the crest as you’re overcome with exhilaration.

The Accidental Tourist

By Scott McKercher

I’m not sure in what style I should write this, so, I’m going to write as I normally would, being that I write what I experience and then think about it later. (Not only about contests, but all the other stuff that goes on as well.)

Survey Says

1999 Reader Survey Results

Who are your fellow windsurfing buddies? You see them at your favorite sailing site every time it’s windy. You recognize them by the car they drive, the equipment they use and their sailing style. But who are these people in real life? American Windsurfer Magazine did a survey in 1998 and from 764 responses, (they’re still coming in) the following is our profile of a windsurfer.