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Editor’s Note: Issue 9.3/4

By John Chao

With this issue, American Windsurfer celebrates the completion of a decade of continuous publication. It is an accomplishment that fills me with pride and amazement for surviving and withstanding this test of time.

Air Mail

Gender Equality and Erotic Hippos

Just back from Hatteras. Snagged a recent issue of American Windsurfer while there. Glancing at some older issues too, I was reminded of what I liked most—

Makin’ Waves

Whirlwind of Festivities


Moment of Clarity

By Brett Nichols


Soul Survivors

By Will Harper

It’s one of life’s greatest goals: make a living by following your true passion. Doing what you love to do, instead of chasing the almighty dollar. It’s a beautiful thing, when it works out.

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Lost at Last

By Brad Drummond

One look at each other and the decision was made, no discussion necessary. The day-to-day drudge was showing on us all. Even the dog needed a break. Seeking refuge and tranquility, we were hoping to get totally lost on the Oregon Coast.

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By Will Harper, Bruce Peterson

MY ALARM WENT OFF at 7 a.m., but I wasn’t there to hear it. I’d been up for hours, moving restlessly about the house, loading my van, making a breakfast that I could not eat.

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HashOut at the Hatch

By Will Harper

New faces, old hats, big crowds, and big money might best describe the scene at the Freestyle event at the Gorge Games this year.


A Dance with the Dangler

By John Chao

Rumor has it that he is dangerous on the water. Rumor has it that he targets women with his intimidating style and vociferous curses. Rumors are that he enjoys sailing straight at people, forcing other sailors to take evasive action, or turning at the last minute.


The Great Travel Contest

By Brian King

We asked you to send us your best windsurfing stories and photos a year ago ... We’re now proud to present the winners in The Great American Travel Contest.