Editor’s Note: 5.3/4

By John Chao

There are over 1,000 photographs in this issue of American Windsurfer. One thousand and twelve images if you include all the advertising pages. Certainly a record for any windsurfing publication and, possibly an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.


WindMakers: Around the World

What do you do after receiving a Ph.D in aerodynamics with a background in applied mathematics and physics? Well, you go to work as the technical officer for the PWA. What else?

Air Mail

Personal Choices, Poetic Intentions

I just got done reading your interview with Mike (Gebhardt) and think his candor combined with Annie (Leibovitz’s) photography make for one of the strongest pieces of...

Makin’ Waves

Into Deep Water

The TransAtlantic Windsurf Race (TAWR) is an historical journey in the making for both sailors and the sport.

Country Profile

Country “Wind” Profile

Slovenia is a very small country, so the chances of developing windsurfing are restricted. Besides scarce windsurfing spots, the problem is inconsistent wind. There are on an average in the summer just 5 windy days in one month (cca 15m/sec).


By William Abeel

I’m surrounded by a community who gather here every afternoon for most of the year, sometimes in as many as 400 cars and vans. It’s one of perhaps thirty-five or forty such communities in the Greater Bay area, whose citizens mostly recognize each other by name, vehicle or, sail.


Gateway to Heaven

By Doug Hollenbeck

This windsurfer/photographer’s portfolio takes us into a double rainbow world of visual delight. Hollenbeck’s photographs displayed here are the essence of a lifestyle that moves with deep reverence for nature and its fragile domain.

Excursion Extaordinaire

By John Chao

For Greg Young and Jane Williams, a husband and wife who operate an outfit called Excursions Extraordinary, the possibilities are creative and endless. One of their favorite trips is an Air-Land-Sea exploration of the island.

A Year in the Life of PWA: PART II

By Dan Atkins

The prospects for further growth in 1998... A World Tour with as many as 28 events including two–Fiji style wave special events, one in Western Australia and the long awaited ‘return home’ of windsurfing to Maui.

PWA News

Year in the Life of PWA: PART I

By Dan Atkins

No doubt about it, 1998 will be like 1997 for the Professional Windsurfers Association... a year of exuberant growth. Now sit back and experience A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF PWA