The Movers, The Shakers, our WindMakers


Forecast 2.1

Air Mail

Praise, Amaze and other Eloquence

Makin’ Waves

On Wings of a Sea Gull & other feathers in a hat


Windless Afternoon with Larry Stanley

By Maui Meyer

Stepping Over Sails at Hookipa

By Douglas Faulkner


Portfolio: Patrick Mcfeeley

Sailing in Key West

By Sam Moses

Paradise Found

By Greg Francke


An Interview with Neil Pryde

Why I’m Not a Lawyer

By Will Harper

It was the summer of 1990, and I was reclining comfortably in the senior partner’s desk chair. … Continue reading "Why I’m Not a Lawyer"


In Memory of Kirby Graham

By Jamie Greenan

Club News 2

Fresh Start with Fresh Blood

By Scott See

Club News 2

Don’t Take Beach Access For Granted

By United States Windsurfing Association

Romancing The Wind

For Love or Wind?

By Kath Burton

The bug had bitten.