Profiles of a WindMaker Cover


Forecast 3.1

By John Chao

Air Mail

We-Are-So-Proud But Don’t DENY Us Our Due!


How to: Get Into Footstraps

By Mark Archer

Confessions of a Baja Blacksheep

By Patricia Adler


Simply Marinating

By Maui Meyer

"Why–in the world–would a man like Roger Brault windsurf?" It must be a metaphor for something...

A Sport for All Ages

By Gordon L. Barnard, Jr.


Tony Johnson Adrift in The Fountain of Youth


The Unsinkable Sali Snell


A Day in The Life of Jack McBride

Club News

A Little Fish in a Big Sea Makes Quite A Splash

Romancing The Wind

Peter Pan Syndrome

By Robert Mahood

What probably jars me the most as a senior windsurfer is the music on most windsurfing videos. Not matter what the boards are doing the music goes kablunka, kablunka, kablunka, kablunka.