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Editor’s Note: Issue 7.2

By John Chao

By the time this issue hits the fan, I will be somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic. The oceanic storms might be gentler than the storms which this issue might produce.


Team Maker

The making of this issue and the accompanying video for the American Windsurfer Test 2000 was indeed a production that rode on the wings of many WindMakers.

Air Mail

Sensational Toilet Paper, Sucks!

Millennium Merged Issue 7.1 received a rush of reactions concerning WindTracks and AW. While the issue has only been out for two weeks when this new issue goes to press, the wide-ranging opinions support the premise that you can’t please everyone

Makin’ Waves

Real People at Sea

By Laurie Nadel

Why would anyone choose to take this on, when he could be drinking a cold one, instead, and watching the highlights on CNN or ESPN?


Cat, Go, Fish, Babe…

By SteinErik Gabrielsen

With the right gear for teaching, any beginner can learn to waterstart and plane on a shortboard in about five hours of lessons. If the wind is too light for waterstarting, the dynamics can still be taught so the students are prepared as soon as they get more wind.


Interview with Toni Cicale

Equipment Tests

2000 Maui Equipment Test: Bogus is as Bogus Does

By Sam Moses

If the introduction to this 2000 board and sail test reads like the introduction to a book, it’s because the project became like a book. Having written two non-fiction books, I know.

Equipment Tests

Test 2000 – Board Reviews

Roberto, Roberto, Roberto!

By Sam Moses

Da Wood Is Da Key

By Sam Moses

Equipment Tests

Test 2000 – Sail Reviews