Windsurfing’s MVP

The Corpus Christy Bay Trophy is awarded to someone who excels in both sailing and sportsmanship

The Corpus Christy Bay Trophy is awarded to someone who excels in both sailing and sportsmanship at the US Windsurfing nationals.  It is a perpetual trophy that was  deeded to US Windsurfing by a group of sailors out of Corpus Christy and we have been awarding it for the past ten years. 

It is an honor that goes to someone that has won his or her class and has excelled over all as well. Someone who has shown a high degree of sportsmanship, someone who rises above the competitive arena. So directors of US Windsurfing and the race director get together and decide who is the most deserving competitor. Micah has certainly done it this year for us.

One of the biggest things that demonstrated his sportsmanship was the fact that he knew going into this event that the over-all champion was going to be chosen from the Open Class custom equipment. He stood his ground and raced on a production Formula board knowning full well that he would not have a chance at the over-all title. 

There are some other things that have happened to him. He made a  mistake in one of the races and showed exemplary sportsmanship about it. He made no arguments with the race committee nor tried to transfer blame. He is just a really nice guy to have around. He is a true sportsman and if everyone could be as open, as friendly and as easy going as he is then we would have a much better sport.  These higher level events with so much pressure, brings the worst out of people and some would try anything to squeeze a win. With Micah he is just cool and laid back about the whole thing. 


I think Micah certainly deserves the trophy not only for his sportsmanship but also for the many wins he made this past year. He won at Mid-Winters in Florida, and the Black Dog in Martha’s Vineyard and now the US Nationals. I said sure everybody claps for him but somehow it doesn’t seem like he gets due justice, so this time I think Micah got justice. He really deserves it. 

This trophy will be staying in Hood River at the Windsurfing Museum and then will be transported to Corpus Christy for the next Nationals. It may stay at the yacht club in Corpus till the Nationals after that. Depending on when the race director and the club decides to ship it back to the Hood River museum where we decided about a year ago that it would be a good permanent home.

Micah’s name will be inscribed on the trophy and I can’t think of a more deserving person right now.

by Al Simmons

Al Simmons is currently the secretary of the USWA and is the over-all winner of the USWA Nationals Grand Master class.