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WindMaking an Igloo of Paper

By now you're probably noticed that the issue of American Windsurfer you now hold in your hands is a little heavier than the ones you've seen before.


Editor’s Note: 4.1

By John Chao

Compared to snowboarding it’s an older brother, but compared to any other sport, windsurfing is merely an adolescent preparing to enter the working world of recreational institutions.

Air Mail

Eagerly Disgusted with Attitude Adjustments

"I just saw my first copy of your magazine and I had to write and say congratulations. I am delighted to see that at least someone had the vision to change the whole concept of windsurfing magazines from the kind of stereotype they all seem to have become."

The Zen of Becoming a Windsurfer

By Annabella C. Hofmann

An American Dream. A shoe-shine-boy becomes a millionaire. A land-rat becomes a wave shredder. You're living in an area with lakes or on the ocean. You would like to try windsurfing, but...

Profiles of a Windsurfer

By John Chao

So you think you know what a windsurfer looks like!


Do You Need A Clinic???

By Todd M. Eversole

Lucky for you, some of the people who have been windsurfing for twenty years and have had to learn and develop skills on their own, have taken their experience and refined windsurfing instruction into an art form.

A Peek at a BoardMaker’s Shop

By Jud Bartlett

The thrill you get from a board beneath you on a twenty-five knot day is made possible by factories like the F2 Kirchdorf plant in Austria.

You Gotta Regatta!

By Jud Bartlett

So you think that you'd like to try your hand at racing, but aren't really sure what it's all about? Competition in any sport can be intimidating, but it can also introduce you to a whole new world.

Windblown Jet Set’R

By John Chao

Kurt Ulmer did not like the idea of an article about Kurt Ulmer. In fact, he is still fighting as the deadline of this issue has come and gone. Several calls to his office in St. Moritz, Switzerland have been left unanswered.


By John Chao

Any place that has water and wind is a potential destination for a windsurfer. Here are a few popular places that are geared toward windsurfers.