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Editor’s Note: Volume 7.1

By John Chao

WINDSURFERS WERE WINDSURFING near Boston Harbor on New years Day. The exceptional warmth that saw the new millennium gave many, myself excluded, the opportunity to greet the new age with their passions. This was a sign of things to come.



With this issue, American Windsurfer welcomes Laurie Nadel as a Contributing Editor. We met her for the first time, in September 1998, at Greenwich Point Park,

Air Mail

Free Aloha Laws of Windsurfing

Aloha from Maui. I wish you all well and hope you’re feeling alive every day. Sometimes you don’t feel alive until you experience a close call or witness one in person. Today I felt alive.

Makin’ Waves

Racin’ Waves


Millennium Swell

By Sierra Emory

My Islamorada

By Will Harper

Romancing The Wind

A Blast From The Past

By Laurie Nadel

Everyone remembers the first time . . . like falling in love . . . the gentle kiss, on a summer afternoon, long ago . . . and the first rush, as you realize something wonderful is about to happen.


Back To The Future: Robby Naish Interview


Back To The Future: Neil Pryde Interview

Cape Hatteras Island

By Diane Buccheri


Interview with Chad Fleischer


Airborne WindSurfing

By Carl-Magnus Fogelholm

With the new age, WINGsurfing has become a natural sport to reach the young and skillful board sailors and enthusiasts of extreme sports. Jumping or flying with the wing has been the key to this popularity.


Airborne WindSurfing II

By Misa Leiber

For a long time, my windsurfing friends and I have been trying to find a perfect winter hobby (including wind and air time). In the spring of 1996, I discovered a Skimbat.


Airborne WingSurfing III

By Patrick Blom

POETRY IN MOTION is what observers described 21-year-old Patrick Blom on a Skimbat Wingsurfer.

The Making of Test2000

By John Chao

The Paradoxical Nature of The Beast

By Sam Moses