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Air Mail

Personal Choices, Poetic Intentions

I just got done reading your interview with Mike (Gebhardt) and think his candor combined with Annie (Leibovitz’s) photography make for one of the strongest pieces of...

Air Mail

Cyclonic Congratulations for Flying High!

I’ve read a flock of pilot reports on various flying machines, but very few that signaled the pure joy of flight that you share in your Windsurfer’s trek...

Air Mail

Fire Readers Against the Grain

The only magazine I have chosen to renew is American Windsurfer. Your magazine continues to help me through the doldrums of everyday life. My soon-to-be four year old son thinks it’s pretty cool too!

Air Mail

Another Legend for Beauty and Tears

Really like the article about John Kerry. Seems he and I have travelled several similar paths, though I was an infantry officer in Vietnam, he was a damn sailor. (Thank God, I didn’t get into his politics, however).

Air Mail

Working Joe’s, Warning Wows!

Wow! Now let me say it again, WOW! You absolutely blew me away with your dramatic presentation of the windsurfing lifestyle and the people who live it...

Air Mail

Second Chance Enthusiasm

I’m a photographer stuck in the office between assignments and stock shooting. Took your new issue to lunch and got so excited over the whole piece I was jumping outa my skin.

Recently Edited

Groping for Global Peace

Beauty Queen with a propensity to chase wind and windmills: Writer Linda Grover’s passion for windsurfing has put everything on the line…

1999 Equipment Preview with Ken Winner

by Ken Winner

Technical Editor for American Windsurfer Ken Winner, US-1, has been influencing the sport since the late seventies and is, to many, the foremost technical guru in the world.

Every year I see innovations like these and wish I had come up with them.

In Search of Secret Service…

by John Chao

Publisher / Editor is a former photojournalist for GEO, National Geographic and Time-Life Magazines

photos by David Burnet

New York based Contact photographer, David Burnet is infamous for the 4x5 Graflex camera he lugs around on assignment for Time Magazine
Editor’s Note: 4.5

by John Chao

Publisher / Editor of American Windsurfer is a former photojournalist for GEO, National Geographic and Time-Life Magazines.

The Dawn of a New Age

Year in the Life of PWA: PART I

by Dan Atkins

With a Ph.D in aerodynamics with a background in applied mathematics and physics, Dan Atkins runs around the world providing quality control to all the PWA events as their Technical Officer .

Original 34 Page Article: Presented Here in Two Parts

Gone With The Wind

by Henry Allen

Pulitzer Prize winner Henry Allen writes about American culture for The Washington Post.

It was on a cold, lonely island in Maine that I began to see what windsurfing and maybe the destiny of the human race are all about.

The History of the Columbia River Gorge

by Eric Sanford

Eric Sanford's words have worn through many pages of many magazines. "Proliferation is a justification for my existence," and "treading water is the story of my life if I stop I sink." A sensible philosophy for a "forty-one-year-old going on fifteen."

The TransAtlantic Windemption

by Eddy Patricelli

A windsurfing instructor at Big Winds in Hood River and Fishermen’s Hut Windsurfing in Aruba, Eddy Patricelli is a team rider for North/F2 with a BA from Southern Oregon and is the winner of the Southern Oregon Prose Writing contest.

photos by Tamotsu “Taki” Takiguchi, Karen Gillham, Chad Lyons, David Weiss, John Chao

I am alive, flying down the biggest swell of my life in the middle of the Atlantic. Best of all my goal, the Khlebnikov, is in plain sight. This joyous moment, however, is short-lived.

Naomi & Newman Darby – Part II

article and photos by John Chao

Publisher/Editor of American Windsurfer is a former photojournalist for GEO, National Geographic and Time-Life Magazines.

PART II of Naomi and Newman Darby Interview: Full and Un-edited.