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The Dawn of a New Age


IF YOU”RE INTO ASTROLOGY you will know that we are leaving the Piscean age and entering the New Aquarian age. I am certainly not an expert in this field, but from the little that I know, the coming Aquarian age fascinates me as a windsurfer. Let me tell you why.

First, please permit me the luxury of not having to explain, or justify, the nature of astrological signs. If you have a hard time with this, just imagine you’re on a date and the subject of your infatuation says. “Hi! I’m a Pisces, what are you?” Well, take my word for it. You will quickly search out your sign and delve into the levels of compatibly.

Now the Piscean age which has influenced our lives for 2,000 years since the time of Christ, is a water sign and is symbolized by the fish. (A figure widely used by early and present day Christians.) The new Aquarian age which has already been popularized in songs— the dawning of the age of Aquarius is water but of higher vibration that becomes air, like steam.

That’s right! Water and Air.

Before I start mutating those astrological meanings and suggest that the windsurfer become the symbol of the new age, let me dwell a bit more on the transitional moves from the Piscean age to the Aquarian age.

Take a moment and, remember those trying days when we first learned the basics of windsurfing. We struggled to find balance and seeked  proper action for the desired reaction. The physical struggle and mental anguish were all part of the game. They are the foundation of growth and a necessary part of the learning process.


In essence the Piscean age is this age of becoming. Think about it. The past 2,000 years we’ve seen some extraordinary human struggles and extraordinary  human achievements.  This is an age that can be defined by a search for outward equilibrium. The same action/reaction, cause and effect, balance and imbalance; qualities exhibited to us in windsurfing.

Now, the Aquarian age is said to be an age of inward peace and enlightenment. A time of tremendous spiritual awakening, of heightened communications and telepathic discoveries. It is a time filled with life transforming inner forces.

On a physical plane, some have explained that our solar system is entering a region of the cosmos where the earth will be bombarded by high frequency energy. It is with this energy that seems to define the Aquarian age. The process of how water boils and turns into steam can further shed light on the forces at play in the Aquarian age. It is not a coincidence that the symbols for the Aquarian age is water becoming air.

If there are life transforming forces awaiting us in the next millennium, well… windsurfers have already found it.

Remember those powerful sailing days that filled us with energy and excitement? Remember the thrill we found after sailing only ten feet under the power of the wind? Or our first planing experience where the board overcame the resistance of the water and began to skip across the surface of the water?

We are the rigging that holds it all together. Our bodies absorb every ounce of the high frequency energy created by the wind and the water. This force that we experience through windsurfing is indeed life-transforming. They have changed our lives forever. And if this New Aquarian age is anything like windsurfing …we are in for quite a ride!

John Chao


PS. If you’re wondering where the hell I got the notion for this Forecast, please read MakinWaves on page 26.

by John Chao

Publisher / Editor of American Windsurfer is a former photojournalist for GEO, National Geographic and Time-Life Magazines.