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Editor’s Note: Issue 2.2

By John Chao

This was a story close to my heart, an inspirational story that says there is more to life than just windsurfing. A testimony to the power of faith which can transform a self-oriented, hardcore sailor to a caring, devoted man of God,


On Assignment with Maui Meyer

Maui Meyer is a long-time professional. At the age of 16, he became a professional windsurfer and traveled the World Cup for five years before retiring at the age of 21.

Air Mail

Blasphemy, Blatant Mistakes and Scams

A few months ago I received a fax from the offices of North Sails, Germany. It contained a rough print of an ad they were considering, In it they wanted to show a maneuver by my son Josh and name it the “Jesus Christ.”

Makin’ Waves

Water Access, Water Stars, …Wedding Dreams?

Windsurfers from all over the world know the magical image of sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


At Play Off the Shores of the Lord

By Maui Meyer

I had just sat for over an hour listening to Craig Masonville, former windsurfer turned preacher, expound his love for Christ, his devotion to the Word, and his burning desire to spread the Lord’s teachings.

Rigging for the Coming of the Lord

By John Chao

When you think of windsurfing girls back in the eighties, you think of Kelby Anno. Her pictures can be found in every windsurfing magazine as well as Playboy (clothed)and the cover of LIFE magazine.


Need for Speed

By Nancy Richardson

Meg Mackenzie is the fastest woman speed sailor in the United States- clocked at 43 M.P.H. at the 1992 Jantzen Speed Series in Klickitat, Washington. In a sport where willingness to endure physical abuse is a prerequisite, Mackenzie dominates...but why?


How-to: What’s your Speed Limit?

By Meg Mackenzie

Speed sailing is a unique sport, but anyone can do it, even if only to improve their top-end speed.

Why I’m Not a Lawyer: Part 2

By Will Harper

It was an old friend now living in California. Sun. Beaches. Wind! What a bastard. I looked out at the sleet. Why is this jerk calling me? He was rambling on about this windsurfing shop he was working in and now had an opportunity to buy. What’s this?

Lake Garda

By John Chao

“The tour buses would bring the old people and they would sit on the beaches until 1:00 pm. Then the wind would blow them back to their hotel rooms and they would say, ‘Torbole Bad!We will never come back!’”

Monty Spindler: Interview

By John Chao

Monty Spindler is moving to France from Italy. It has been a very difficult decision for the American sail designer whose sails have broken three world speed records in recent years.

Assault on Mt. Hood

By Greg Francke

Francese was chatting amiably with the Bavarian hikers who didn’t seem to be taking us very seriously. Maybe it was that Francese was wearing a strange hat, but I think the windsurf board he was holding on his head

Club News

Should Friends Teach Friends How to Windsurf?

By Scott See

Advice from AWIA Executive Director

Club News 2

Are You Ready to Race?

By United States Windsurfing Association

Romancing The Wind


By Henry Spencer

In case you didn’t know, the grocery store has become a widely accepted, time-honored and civilized place for that boy/girl thang to take place.