Makin’ Waves

Aung San Suu Kyi

By Svein Rasmussen

Starboard founder and former pro racer from Norway, Svein Rasmussen, recently forwarded us a letter from Thailand, sharing with us a unique adventure where he met Nobel Peace Prize winner...


WindMaker’s Journal

There’s a hurricane of activity around the office today, as the issue is finally taking shape. The printer is churning out proofs and as the completed files are put to disk, it is once again time to thank our contributors.


Editor’s Note: 4.3

By Jud Bartlett

When Publisher, John Chao first suggested the idea of putting an F-16 on the cover of this issue, the immediate impression that I got was that he might be a little touched.

Makin’ Waves

Punkers–Parking–Peace & Prizes

With all of the hype about the influence of the media on our social behavior these days, we at American Windsurfer can’t help but to feel partly responsible for contributing to this phenomenon.

Air Mail

Re: Mailman’s Miscue, Humble Requests, and Wind-Driven Drivel

You do a great job with your mag. Please keep your independence from the corporations by not going overboard with the equipment tests and vacation reviews.

Bewitched in Bonaire

By Karen Engler

On my first visit to Bonaire I became a windsurfer. Never mind that seven or eight years ago I resolved that never again would I subject myself to the torture and humiliation...

Country Profile

BONAIRE: A WindSeeker’s Guide

For years, Bonaire has been a gem of a secret for many windsurfers who enjoy a quiet, windy island with uncrowded sailing.


Crossing for Clean Water

By Kelly Moore

Recent Legislation is threatening to essentially repeal the Clean Water Act as we know it.


A Beginner Lesson

By Mark Archer

One of the first things before you even get out on the water is getting the right mental attitude for it. Don’t worry about getting wet. Just get loosened up.

Romancing The Wind

Paul Hill: Keeper of the Flame

By Brian Thompson

In the spring of ‘93 I returned to LA from an extended job in Key West where I had converted to the religion of windsurfing. Desperately in need of a congregation, I searched the LA area looking for that special shop where I would meet my new windsurfing buddies.


A Need For Speed

By John Chao

“What does flying an F-16 have to do with windsurfing?” Well, Captain Allan Gabel knows. He’s convince the US Government to give us a ride!