A Beginner Lesson

Don’t worry about getting wet. Just get loosened up.


FOREWORD:One of the first things before you even get out on the water is getting the right mental attitude for it. Don’t worry about getting wet. Just get loosened up. The more apprehensive you are the more tense you will be and the more times you’re going to fall off. Put a good smile on your face, and start your lesson nice and relaxed.


IN ORDER TO FOLLOW commands in a lesson, or when you’re reading a how-to article, you first have to become familiar with the board and sail, and the function of each part of the equipment.

It’s easy to get confused to which is the front and back when you first hit the water. So check it out beforehand. Once you are familiar with the equipment, keep in mind that you always want the wind to be at your back and the sail or rig to be downwind of the board as the board is perpendicular to the wind.


CONCLUSION: As you are sailing, learn to trust the sail. In the beginning, you are balancing the sail, but as you start to improve you should begin to extend your front arm more and more and start to trust the sail, allowing it to support yourself.

The single biggest problem that you may encounter is the propensity to look down, grab at the sail and do to many things all at once. If you go through the steps and stages and remember that everything has a time and a place, it will all start to go and your windsurfing experience will be a pleasant and exciting one.

by Mark Archer

Mark is the head instructor at The Windsurf Village in Aruba. He is also the director of the Aruba Windsurf Academy (AWA).