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Editor’s Note: Issue 9.2

By John Chao

We finally did it! We established a West Coast office in the Columbia River Gorge. In fact, our new office is so close to the action that it is only a stone’s throw from the famous Fish Hatchery. I must admit, as the publisher, I’ve resisted the idea of moving to the Gorge for the past 10 years.

Air Mail

Friendly, Feminine, Focus, Free Hat

From “butt UGLY” (see Airmail 9.1) to “beautiful to look at"...is it half full or half empty? Why can’t we just get along? I don’t think we ever claimed the issue to be a ‘woman’s guide...

Makin’ Waves

Woman to Woman

By Gina Lalli with Laurie Nadel

Windsurfing is in my genes. Even though I was born and raised in New York City, I used to love looking at pictures and movies of windsurfers and sailboats, dreaming of the day when I would get my chance.

Makin’ Waves

Show Me The Money

By Will Harper

Newman Darby may have invented windsurfing, Bill Hansen the chop-top sail, but who, it occurs to us to ask, invented the windsurf swap meet?


Oahu: The All Around Playground

By Sonja Evensen

IN THE GRAND old 80’s, O’ahu was the bustling Mecca of windsurfing. Anyone who had the desire to make windsurfing the center of his or her universe would end up on O’ahu.


Gone to Maui

By Brett Nichols

It is October. Windsurfers have all left Hood River, to follow summer into warmer parts. Days are short and cold, and I am a weekend-warrior windsurfer, working my corporate-suck desk job in Seattle.



By John Chao

These days pros and poor alike launch on the rocks at the Spring Creek Fish Hatchery, which has become one of the most famous sailing sites in the world.



By John Chao

He has always been an enigma. Not many people in the industry can say they really know Bill Hansen. The reason might be that Bill Hansen doesn’t really care what people think about Bill Hansen.