Volume 2, Issue 5

Published in 1994


Winging Women & Making Best our WindMaker

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Forecast 2.5

By John Chao

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Air Mail

What Nine out of Ten Women Prefer, Some Find Gross

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Makin’ Waves

How the Grinch Stole the Aloha but Couldn’t Steal Chirtmas

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Gotta Have It

Gotta Have It – Vol. 2, Issue 5

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The Ultimate Winter Sport: Hard Water Windsurfing

By Kay Robberson

You accelerate like a shot. As swiftly as you read the ice surface ahead, it vanishes beneath your blades. You are faster than the wind, soaring and lifting into another dimension.


Quantum Leap

By Maui Meyer

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An American Odyssey:

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Trespassing On Uncharted Waters

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Interview with Bill Koch

By John Chao & Rose Scarola

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Sailing with God’s Glory

By Kay Robberson

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Club News

Winds of Change, Gusts of Hope:

By Scott See

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Romancing The Wind

Birth of a Wind Junkie & the Woman Who Loves Him

By Alexandra Flood

"PUH-leeze tell me those three little words that mean so much to me."