The Movers, the Shakers, our WindMakers

Like all of us, American Windsurfer has faced the proverbial problem of the chicken and the egg. Which came first; the chicken or the egg?


Forecast: Premier Issue

By John Chao

American Windsurfer is a publication designed to appeal to a general audience. If you are looking for a steady diet of radical, off the lip, double cheese roll or another publication for the hardcore sailor only, you've found the wrong magazine.

Air Mail

From Down Under to Up and Over

Yo dude. Yes, you have finally succumbed to the numbing arctic winds which are about to surround you once again and totally decimate what is left (right?) of your grey matter. What, you're bored? Is your head bored? With a 3/4 inch wood bit?

Makin’ Waves

The Biggest Catch in Maui… and other fish stories.

Spear fishing has become a lucrative passion for brothers Greg and Alex Aguera. With fellow windsurfer Don Vitarelli, the Agueras helped land the largest Ulua (jack Trevally fish) caught in Maui county, according to the record.


Hot To: Initiate a High-Speed Jibe

By Nevin Sayer


Breakfast with Rhonda Smith-Sanchez

By Maui Meyer

It is early in the morning, May 27th—Opening day for the American crowd here in Hood River. Walking to the local breakfast spot l can see Rhonda coming up the street to join me.

Gone With The Wind

By Henry Allen

It was on a cold, lonely island in Maine that I began to see what windsurfing and maybe the destiny of the human race are all about.


Why aren’t you Windsurfing?

By Eric Sanford

Bay of Dreams

By Trip Forman

The History of the Columbia River Gorge

By Eric Sanford

When Lewis and Clark first made their way down the mighty Columbia River, after having fought their … Continue reading "The History of the Columbia River Gorge"

The Gorge: Now & Then

By Joe Field

Ho’okipa, THE WAVE

By Sam Moses

An Interview with Robby Naish

By John Chao

The Ultimate Boardhead

By Greg Francke


Windsurfing Needs its Roots Back

Club News 2

Maui Hosts 1993 USWA National Championship

By United States Windsurfing Association

Club News 2

USWA Volunteers Spearhead Legislative Successes for Windsurfers Across the U.S.

By United States Windsurfing Association

Pro-Team News

Keep the Pro-Hope Alive

By Peter Thomas

Romancing The Wind

How to Meet the Right Windsurfer

By Daryl Taylor