WindMakers do Wait for Wind!

What can you say when the 8-time-world champion windsurfer has you by the neck? Well, you follow him halfway around the world, put him on the cover and give him an unprecedented 24 pages of words and pictures.


Editor’s Note: 4.2

By John Chao

Perhaps the last bastions of independence and originality that we have yet to overcome are those of nature and the creative expression of the individual.

Air Mail

Second Chance Enthusiasm

I’m a photographer stuck in the office between assignments and stock shooting. Took your new issue to lunch and got so excited over the whole piece I was jumping outa my skin.

Brian Talma Finding His Wave of Success

By Roxan Kinas

Every morning Brian dons his smile. It is a smile that has gotten him places that no one could ever have imagined when he was a youngster.


Blindly Dating Martha’s Vineyard

By Jud Bartlett

I’d never attempted anything even close to what was being asked of me, which by the way, was to sail what could very likely be the longest non-stop windsurfing race in the world, the Martha’s Vineyard Windsurfing Challenge.

Romancing The Wind


By Rose Scarola

Born in Kailua, Stone is the only true native Hawaiian on the professional windsurfing tour. Like the tires of his van, Josh’s feet are proverbially planted in Hawaiian soil.


Bjorn Again

By John Chao

Well, to know Bjorn Dunkerbeck is to know excellence but to really know Bjorn Dunkerbeck is to get to know Bjorn Again.

Romancing The Wind

Terms of Endearment

By Pat Pawling

While my flat-water sailing has never been described as rhythmic or rapid, my wave sailing is lively, in the sense that a seven-car accident is lively.


Maui, North Shore: Jaws

By Patrick McFeeley

There is a place on Maui's north shore where a waterfall strewn valley reaches all the way from the crater of a volcano down to the water's edge, it’s known as “Piahi.” We know it as... Jaws