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Editor’s Note: Issue 9.5

By John Chao

If you consider our magazine to be a living entity, then we too must undergo an infinite process of tuning and re-tuning, adjusting and refining ourselves so that we will be worthy of our aspirations. Without this, we fall into a fate of mediocrity.


Fellowship of the Wind

How could it possibly have happened so fast? It seems like only yesterday that the pages for the first issue were laid out. Now, as if overnight, we have reached this anniversary. Ten years!

Featured Articles

Gone with the Wind II

By Will Harper

Well, now you know how it all came about, and a little about the place we chose. But, as a responsible journalist, I of course have a duty of due diligence to let all of you who weren’t there know exactly what you missed.


Angles of a Pose

By Will Harper

Though she learned to windsurf back in the earliest days of the sport in Pacific Palisades with the Waltzes and the Schweitzers, and was once a US Olympic alternate team member, she is currently most famous in windsurfing circles for bringing Bikram Yoga to Maui two and a half years ago.


View Finder: Jerome Houyvet

By John Chao

Recently we got a chance to spend some time with Frenchman, sailor, and world renowned photographer Jerome Houyvet during some rare downtime squeezed into his endless schedule of high profile shoots.