Volume 8: Issue 3/4

Published in 2001

Featured Articles

Air Mail

Driving Me Significatly Crazy

I am a freelance writer who regularly reports for several local papers in the Boston area. More importantly, I am the significant other of a windsurfing fanatic. I am writing to you to propose a unique story idea for your readers.


Editor’s Note: Issue 8.3/4

By John Chao

Where have all the windsurfers gone?” asks a reader in one of the letters of this issue. This seems to be the question many of us have been asking and wondering more and more as windsurfing has evolved through the past years.

Makin’ Waves

Xtreme Awards

Germany and the Euro Commonwealth have introduced the NEA Awards with all the glitz, hype, and attempted glamor as the Academy Awards. If this catches on, Europe will have claimed a turf that is rightly theirs.

Makin’ Waves

Fresh Air Bonaire

Recently, twenty-four kids from Bonaire were sent to a windsurfing event in the United States. The competitors, ranging from six to twenty-one years of age, raised money and sponsorships around their tiny island off the coast of Venezuela.


Makin’ Mates

By Dan Welch

When my wife and I sailed away from the States aboard our cruising sailboat ten years ago, sailboards were a common feature adorning the decks of yachts.


Freestyle: The Future of Windsurfing?

By Martin D. Trees

FREESTYLE MANIA has brought the sport closer to the waters edge and made windsurfer a spectator sport once again. It revived an old recreational pastime that was popular in the old Windsurfer days


Wong Guy

By John Chao

You’ve seen his photographs everywhere.



It was a matter of time before the twelve year reign of Björn, the Terminator King would come to an end. In the years of his rule, the sport's organized competitions diminished to mere shadows of their former collectivity.


The Unsung Triumph of Barry Spanier

By John Chao

Two years ago, he was considering turning towards his writing skills as opportunities within the windsurfing world seemed to have dried up. Today he stands as the only sail designer who has produced two World Champions for two companies.


Bjorn: The Last Word

By John Chao

The toppling of Björn Dunkerbeck from his twelve year domination could be viewed as a major shift for the sport. The cost and energy spent keeping him at the podium has never been viewed by the magazine as a very constructive force.



By Diane Buccheri

During dinner, after a day of surf sailing, a thunder cloud appeared and delivered a spectacular a display. It gave the photographer a moment to cherish and reminded Vittorio that life was to be lived abundantly.



By John Chao

FINDING PEACE: Having the best years of his youth taken away by cancer, Jamie Torres has found peace under the sun. The experience of facing death has flamed his passion for the sport and provided a measuring stick for the important things in life.


Francisco Goya

By Pietro Porcella

He isn’t a superman. He never had technical support from his family, but had other qualities that helped him to work his way up. He was nothing special in his teenage windsurf years either. Simply, he had a strong desire to follow his passion and his dreams.