Editor’s Note: 4.5

By John Chao

If you’re into astrology you will know that we are leaving the Piscean age and entering the New Aquarian age.


WindMaker’s Passion!

Another Windmaker’s passion is Annabella Hofmann, who is no stranger to American Windsurfer, though many may consider her quite strange.

Air Mail

Beginner Magic: A Different Story

Just received the new issue today. Great! Terrific interviews with many insights and glimpses into...

Makin’ Waves

Groping for Global Peace

Beauty Queen with a propensity to chase wind and windmills: Writer Linda Grover’s passion for windsurfing has put everything on the line...

Profiles of a Windsurfer

By John Chao

Come meet some of these exquisite dolls.


Windsurfing for a Better Zen

By Annabella C. Hofman

How To Windsurf for the Rest of Your Life! For those who don’t know what ZEN is all about, here are some of the main aspects...


How-To: Select Your First Board

By AW Staff

Because windsurfing boards come in all shapes and sizes, it can be very confusing to the beginner.


How-To: Explore New Boards

By AW Staff

Windsurfing is really two different sports. It’s like downhill and cross country skiing all packed into one.


How-To: Make It Move

By AW Staff

With all the technical achievements of the twentieth century, today’s windsurfing sail is the most advanced wind powered product available.


How-to: Enjoy Your First Lesson

By Mark Archer

So you want to windsurf? Well what next? The best thing and the only real thing to do is to go out and take a lesson.


How-to: Teach Your Kids

By Emmanuel Lalire

Everything is new to kids when they start windsurfing. So, the first and most important thing to do is to teach it as a game.

Future Flock

By John Chao

Imagine living in this world where windsurfing is the main source of recreational activity for the masses, where the next generation windsurfers thrive with weekend competition.

Generation 2000

By Carrie Robertson

IVY LEAGUE WINDSURFING: Tim and Ferida Sivers’ passion for the sport grew into a school on Maui designed to shore up the academic side of windsurfing.

Kodak 1996 Shootout Winners

To all of our entrants, we are proud to exhibit these outstanding moments of your love affair with wind and water.