Kodak 1996 Shootout Winners

CONGRATULATIONS! To all of our entrants, we are proud to exhibit these outstanding moments of your love affair with wind and water.

YES! It’s over… and here are the winners for the 1996 Kodak FunSaver Weekend 35 Shootout Contest! This year’s contest proved to be even more popular than last’s, with over double the entries being submitted and agonized over by our judges. What struck us most was how much your photos provide us with a pure glimpse into the “real” world of windsurfing. From the shining Caribbean to the wintry slopes reflected in a mountain lake..all the photos authenticate a lifestyle based on having fun with nature.

CONGRATULATIONS! To all of our entrants, we are proud to exhibit these outstanding moments of your love affair with wind and water. We can’t wait to visit you again in 1997!

And Now the Winners!


Thanks again for the great prize and full-page spread from last year’s Kodak shootout! 

We’ve been busy trying to capture moments with Grand Prize potential for this year’s contest. I’ve included our favorite jumps, jibes, scenics, self-portraits, special moments and a few shots that Jeff insisted I enter (He thinks they have  “artistic quality”—I think he needs glasses!) Ski season is just around the corner, but we’ll snap a few more rolls during chilly fall sessions with dreams of a tropical vacation this winter.

Johnny Martinsen
Boseman, MT


This photo of Jordan Vaughn, age 14, was taken at Aurora Reservoir (outside Denver, Colorado)  after a Team Pryde clinic. The camera was close to the water (I wouldn’t dare try this with my good 35mm), resulting in an interesting composition. After only 3 years of windsurfing, Jordan competed in his first national race this fall and won 3rd in the Men’s Lightweight Division.

He loves the sport!  We take the Kodak Fun Saver whenever we go on the water. It’s the ideal camera for windsurfing! I even lost my camera after a fall at the races in St. Pete, but found it later floating in the bay!  Also note our favorite products in the photo: Neil Pryde sail, Fiberspar boom, Chinook base (not visible in picture).

David Vaughn
Golden, CO


The day we took off from windsurfing in Maui, we went snorkeling and saw sea turtles. 
Robbie ‘Naish’ Ritchie in his grandma’s pool”

Mike & Jennifer
Edmonton,  AB


Well, here’s a couple more for your critics. 
Up there! Up? Down? Flippin’! Yes, yes What is this? I’ll get the shot right! This is shot by my cousin(Kevin Gleason) a second late tweaked one-handed tabletop! I just reached back for my boom and the board is coming down. Whatever!  I’ll get it! Sponsored by ME, MYSELF and I!

H. John Fragan & Kevin Gleason
Honolulu, HI


These pictures are of my son Ryan, three days short of his fifth birthday, at the Oneil Forebay in California.

Ben Bacigalupi
San Juan Bautista, CA


Honorable Mention

There isn’t much difference between what you see here and the rest of the entries. In fact if the contest were to be judged again, the results would probably be a little different. For the most part the judges based their decisions on originality, aesthetics and apparently, the notes and letters enclosed by the contestants have also played a big role in the decision. 


While there were many entrants inspired by last years top prize winner (first picture on right), the judges would have easily awarded Ernesto Monroy (picture below) with any one of this years top prizes. Even though the concept was not original, the photo’s perspective and exotic moment was exquisite. Unfortunate to Monroy, he did not take note of the rules and used a camera that was not the Kodak FunSaver. Nevertheless, the gracious judges felt that this extraordinary photo deserved proper recognition.

Ernesto Monroy: Paia, HI

“I mounted the camera on my mast before heading out on the Pacific near Camp One on Maui and caught this shot mid-air. It was challenging as each shot require me to stop and swim to the camera and advance the film”

Patrick Devitt: Dennisport, MA

“I took this photo at Kalmus Beach 10/16/96 on one of the last warm S.West wind days. The camera trigger is barely visible to the right of my left thumb. The camera mount is working consistently. Some of the shots on this roll came out a little blurry because the mast tip was moving so much. However, this airborne shot came out OK. The other photo was taken in Aruba with Lori Hansen.”

Liz Banse: Seattle,WA

“Dear American Windsurfer/Santa Clause One more year of awesome Windsurfing has blown by. (It was a 4.5.)  Enclosed are my traveling memories from Maui and Baja. I would be very grateful if these resulted in a subsequent trip to Aruba. If not, I’m in great need of new boards, =sails, and masts…please look over my photos when you’re in a good mood. Thanks!”

Kathleen Gruart:  Seattle,WA

“Enclosed are my best shots of my husband, José Gruart, and our nephew, Max Chalk (age 6 1/2), windsurfing at the event site, Hood River, Oregon, July 6,1996.  The Pictures were taken with a Kodak Fun Saver Weekend 35 camera. Hope you enjoy José’s method of teaching windsurfing,  and hope to see them in your next issue of American Windsurfer.”

Bubber “WinDog” Hutton: Mt. Pleasant, SC

“Okay, ya’ll, i’ll send it in, now leave…….me……alone, will ya’??!!

Under normal (which, incidentally, does not apply to any of the “people” involved in this entry) conditions, I keep this on my visor in the van (the ‘DizAstro’), and I’m entering it into the Shootout contest, so my fellow windsurfing criminals will stop pestering me. This shot is of Bubber (WinDog) Hutto, taken at Isla Coche, off the coast of Margarita in February 1996, executing the ubiquitous hand drag.  It was taken with a Kodak ‘Water Camera’  (A standard item of  sailing adventures) by one of my closest and truly dearest friends, whom has already reserved her slot as first in line for the Sailboard Vacation trip, if photography is of sufficient quality, and her boyfriend buys the ‘……Going to visit my sister in Detroit…’ story. 

It was a gorgeous day that I will always remember.”

Randy Voges: Greenwich, CT

“I took these photos with a Kodak FunSaver during a trip to Aruba last March. One shot is of my wife, Marcia, who thinks her picture should win. The other shot is of my best windsurfing buddy, Kip, who believes his picture should be on the cover!  I don’t care which one you pick as long as you pick one and I get to go back to Aruba with…oh boy, another dilemma!”

Peter Ford:  Simsbury, CT

“The Picture won’t win anything but the story is good. My Friend Jim Winslow said he needed me to jump real close for a good picture.  Well I didn’t realize how much you move down wind when you’re in the air.  I landad on his board.  Missed him, but damaged his board.  The picture that would win, would have been of the landing.”

David DePaolo:  Port Hueneme, CA

“The day these were shot it was blowing Santa Ana winds—off shore 5.0, with a neat little southern hemisphere swell that produced waves a couple feet overhead making excellent port tack down the line (down the beach?) lip bashing.”

Dana Miller: Waves NC

“Enclosed please find photos I shot this summer with the weekend 35. All were shot ‘on board’ while sailing. This shot is from Pistol River. I’m especially Stoked on the ‘Weekend 35 loop cam.’” 

Patrick Bergeron: Lyle, WA

“Aloha to all the staff.  We are very happy to submit to you the following pictures for this years shootout.  They were taken thanks to a Kodak FunSaver during another awesome session at ‘the wall’ (the gorge). We hope you’ll have as much fun going through them as we had taking them (Great conditions, good friends… and awesome scenery!)”

John Ritter: St. John’s, VI

“Greetings! The enclosed photos were taken on St. John’s (our home) U.S. Virgin Islands at Cinnimon Bay.  My daughter Jenna (Age 6) and I paddled our Kayak out to shoot photos of Sean (age 9) Sailboarding.”