1999 Reader Survey Results

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
It’s really quite simple. A dinosaur laid an egg and a chicken hatched — Duncan Wallace

So…Survey SAYS!



25-34: 18.3%

35-64: 77.4%

65+ 3.4%


Male: 90.5%    Female:    9.5%

Marital Status:

Married: 61.2%

Single: 32.0%

Divorced: 6.8%


Yes: 51.7%     No:      47.8%


High School: 8.6%

College: 59.1%

MA: 21.7%

PHD: 10.6%

Own or Rent Home: Own: 78.1%    Rent:21.9%

Number of vehicles owned:

1: 30%

2: 44.5%

3-4: 22%

5+: 3.5%

TYpe of vehiCle owned:

Sports Utilitiy: 33.3%

Van: 25.4%

Truck: 14.9%

Compact: 5.5%

Motorcycles: 3%

Other activities:

Snow skiing: 49%

Snowboarding: 32%

Cycling: 32%

Hiking: 21.6%

Golf: 16.5%

Sailing: 14.6%

Surfing: 12%

Kayaking: 12%

Other statistics:

93.4% read AW 2+ hours

78.4% pass AW to other readers

62.7% like to receive AW monthly

79.8% want equipment reviews

5.3% are beginners 

43%  intermediate 

51.2% advance-expert

79.2% like to see pricing in ads

61.9% buy equipment retail store

16.4% are wave sailors

43.9% own 4 or more boards

74.5% own 4 or more sails

98.3% wants a windsurfer in the White House!

New or current subscriber?

J. Michael Nate: I am a current subscriber

(I think)

Alec Carter-Wilkes: Christmas gift from my uncle

How often would you like to receive American Windsurfer?

Bill Dutcher: 10 times a year, in season

Randy Speer & David Lindsay: monthly, if the quality is the same

Michael Poloukhine: Prefers monthly, but not if ads increase

Leisa Bryan: Either bimonthly or monthly


What do you like about American Windsurfer?

Mike Giambattista: You write for regular folks, not just teenage boardheads.

Rozalina Tchouchevi: This is not only a magazine. This is a piece of art.

What don’t you like about American Windsurfer?

Ed Martineau: More on kids windsurfing.  I’ve watched —and it’s awesome.

Brian Hutchison: Lame articles

J. Heaton: I’m not in AW

Bill Zeuli: What’s not to like?

Gary Estremsky engineer & patent examiner: Darby made no contribution

Would you like to see Equipment Reviews?

Bill Dutcher: Ken Winner should compare his results with European reviews.  How to stay unbiased vs. advertisers?  It IS a potential conflict of interest.

Rhonda Fosbinder: Might like them if they were honest.

Type of sailing I usually do?

Tom Claeys: Slalom flatwater—(Almost everyone works on jibes)

Marital status?

Steve Weber: Almost married

Number of family members who windsurf?

Mike Springall: Parent of a 1 1/2 and a 3 1/2 year old… In the future we’ll have 3 windsurfers.

David Benninghaus: 1 1/2

My favorite windsurfing vacation is at:

Jac Quin: Wherever I can

Amy Richard: Aruba—if I could take a vacation

Greg Bown: The world

John Hardin: I travel alot, so I windsurf in many places

Tom Claeys: Any windy place

Jeff Wattenmaker: Maui—lives in Redwood City, CA and answered the next question.

Jim Dukelow: I buy only used vehicles 

My favorite board:

Peter Toth: Homemade

Helen Weeks: Don’t own, I’m a member of a sailing center
Tom Claeys: Really anything newish

Mel Levine: All

My favorite sail:

Willard Taber: All

Mike Giambattista: Usually like someone else’s sail best

Ed Martineau: Don’t have any one favorite

Neil Radtke: I love them all, but I use 7.5, 9.0 and 11.0 most often!

Mel Levine: Depends on wind

Mike Pritchard: One without holes

Where do you buy your windsurfing equipment?

Geoff Moore: Buys by mail order, because no stores in his part of PA sell windsurfing items

Tom Claeys: Only at Larson’s Ski and Sport in Wheat Ridge, CO

Would you like to see more or fewer ads in the magazine?

Tom Stokes: Don’t become all advertisements

Doug Martin: More ads in addition to, not in place of photos, articles, etc.

Neil Radtke: More advertising, if articles and pictures not reduced

Tom Peire: More advertising, to keep subscription prices down

Megan & Chuck Queen: More travel ads, with pricing

Bill Dutcher: Would like more ads if they were informative

Randy Speer: More ads from smaller companies

Marc Fovinci: Maximum of 15% of an issue

My favorite activity when not windsurfing:

Jim Jonkers: Working

Frank Saccente: To write about windsurfing

Helen Weeks: Shopping (really)

Richard Phillips: Trying to get my life together

Robert Scott: Hadn’t read article yet

Doug Martin: Yes, but not John Kerry

Judy Barker: very impressed by article about John Kerry

Mark Proia: Excellent article, John!  As a Mass. native, I’m especially proud to have this man serving us.  He’s about the best role model one could ask for.  Kudos for such a fine piece of journalism!

Helen Weeks: Would like to see a windsurfer in the White House, but only if he/she is a Republican?  Why are you asking this?

Marc Fovinci: Yes, but don’t ask for a contribution!

Eric Trafton & Geoff McCleary: OK, but not a Democrat

Chris Shaffer: Yes, but he would have to be a Republican

Bill Dutcher: duh

David Eppley: Don’t care

Jim Dukelow: Whether or not someone windsurfs would not affect his vote

Kim Doutrich: Think of the Secret Service woes if there’s a windsurfer in the White House

James Clements: Yes, but not necessarily ANY windsurfer

Robert Menees: Presidential skills more important than windsurfing skills, sorry!  But maybe if he were surfing, he wouldn’t have time or energy to chase White House interns.  It would definitely dignify the office more!

Ed Martineau: How are his morals?

Steve Weber: Good philosophical ?

Stephen Winiarski: God!

Kevin Ernst: Him

Jim & Grace Wilson: Read your Bible— Genesis 1:24 [“And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind….”]

Clarence Roman: The universe

Jac Quin: Lightning bolts

Neil Radtke: Big Bang!

Paul Tisher: Primordial soup

Uncle of Alex Carter-Wilkes: Protozoans

Michael Streibel: A cosmic egg

Patrick Harwood: The lipid bilayer

Steve Hughes: Wind

Grant Hubbard & Felipe Irarraza: Windsurfing

James Clements & R. Robinson: Neither

Robert Buell, Blake Auchincloss, Ron Cox, Don Himes, Mark Eanes & Leisa Bryan: Both

Fash Hoorfar: One of each at the same time.  Egg became rooster

Marc Fovinci: Buk!

Duncan Wallace: It’s really quite simple. A dinosaur laid an egg and a chicken hatched

Gary Estremsky: One day a dinosaur laid an egg that grew to be a chicken

Amy Richard: Evolved from some other life form’s egg

Jeff Wattenmaker & Thomas & Mary Jo Liston: Some other kind of bird/chicken laid the egg

Doug Smith: Egg inside a chicken

C. Todd Lombardo: Of course the egg!

Rick Peterson: Yolk

Linda Wright: Some yolk!

Bill Whiteford: Rooster

Douglas Ebersole: Rooster—according to his wife

Mark Ulicki: Has proof that the chicken came first

Craig Schwartz: Chicken farmer

Frank Saccente: The coop

Willard Taber: The road

Dave Dalquist: Second base

Robert Slayton, Geoff Moore & Jim Dukelow: Frying pan

Dan McGlasson: Chicken salad

Greg Bown: Scrambled eggs

Tom Pierce: Omelets

Brian Hutchison & John Hogan: Egg McMuffin

Frank Kabela: Egg Beaters

Clark Costen: Egg came first—with salmonella bacteria

David Bruce: DVH

Joan Scudder: Who knows?

Peter Cocker: Who cares?

Russell Brown: Yeah!

Ed Martineau: Good question

George McCleary: I can’t remember the joke