Fellowship of the Wind

How could it possibly have happened so fast? It seems like only yesterday that the pages for the first issue were laid out. Now, as if overnight, we have reached this anniversary. Ten years!


The Great Travel Contest

By Brian King

We asked you to send us your best windsurfing stories and photos a year ago ... We’re now proud to present the winners in The Great American Travel Contest.


Windsurfing’s MVP

By Al Simmons

The Corpus Christy Bay Trophy is awarded to someone who excels in both sailing and sportsmanship at the US Windsurfing nationals. It is a perpetual trophy that was deeded to USWA—


1999 Equipment Preview with Ken Winner

By Ken Winner

Forehead-slap-entertaining though these new products may be, the real action for 1999—the changes that look like they’ll shape windsurfing for years to come—have to do with the same old themes: board and sail design and construction.