Seeking Boston Airport Beauty:

Pale blue eyes glazed into my soul. Rainy afternoon. Taxi stand. Wasn't looking but saw you standing between an older couple. You turned – looked at me. We stared forever – I blink and you looked away. Suddenly your beauty stunned me – I awake and was embarrassed. Afraid to look – I watched when you weren't looking. Straight light brown hair – intense pale blue eyes. No luggage, just one overnight bag with a purse hanging from a thick black leather strap. I wanted to say Hi! but impossible with older couple. "Your parents?" "No!" A cab came – you offered it to them (you wanted more time... so did I) "OH NO!" They insisted to you! "AH!!" I wasn't fast enough. Other cabs arrived º couple got theirs. Mine came alongside yours. As I walked passed the back o you cab, your departing spirit suddenly turned and looked at me. A lingering look. I remembered it vividly. Was it my imagination or our familiar souls saying goodbye? Sleepless nights and thoughts of you cursed my lack of action. "Why didn't I give you my card?" Opportunity lost? Wishful thinking? Mystical encounter? The old sage at the river said – " If you loose what you cherish and it comes back to you – then it's your forever."

In case you're out there.