Angles of a Pose

By Will Harper

Though she learned to windsurf back in the earliest days of the sport in Pacific Palisades with the Waltzes and the Schweitzers, and was once a US Olympic alternate team member, she is currently most famous in windsurfing circles for bringing Bikram Yoga to Maui two and a half years ago.


Moment of Clarity

By Brett Nichols


Hatching Windsurfers

By Alice Berlow

The event was unique: an entirely free windsurfing clinic. Over 200 children, ages 6-16, participated. They stood on Windgliders, fell off of Windgliders, sailed Windgliders, paddled Windgliders, relay raced, and leap-frogged their way through hours of watery fun.


Crossing for Clean Water

By Kelly Moore

Recent Legislation is threatening to essentially repeal the Clean Water Act as we know it.


Blindly Dating Martha’s Vineyard

By Jud Bartlett

I’d never attempted anything even close to what was being asked of me, which by the way, was to sail what could very likely be the longest non-stop windsurfing race in the world, the Martha’s Vineyard Windsurfing Challenge.


Homo Ludens: Man at Play

By Greg Francke


Nappeague Notebook: Advancing A Beginner

By India DeCarmine


Trespassing On Uncharted Waters


The First Fan Letter

By Rulf Loos

Robby Naish's first fan letter


Why aren’t you Windsurfing?

By Eric Sanford