What I Learned on Maui

By Laurie Nadel

MARDI GRAS OF THE PACIFIC is what Halloween in Lahaina has become. An estimated twenty thousand expressions gather on the street of the sleepy town including the staff of American Windsurfer and practically the entire population of windsurfers on the island.


Jason Polakow & Scott Carvill Wavesailing JAWS

By Jono Knight

Screamers is a section to showcase windsurfing’s freshest angles. It is here that we applaud those windsurfers who strive to broaden the horizons of our sport by continually venturing into the zone where will power, equipment and environment meet with astonishing results.


In Search of a Windsurfing Festival

There was wind, water, sun and a happy island. What was billed as the first major international festival had a sputtering start...


Maui, North Shore: Jaws

By Patrick McFeeley

There is a place on Maui's north shore where a waterfall strewn valley reaches all the way from the crater of a volcano down to the water's edge, it’s known as “Piahi.” We know it as... Jaws


Need for Speed

By Nancy Richardson

Meg Mackenzie is the fastest woman speed sailor in the United States- clocked at 43 M.P.H. at the 1992 Jantzen Speed Series in Klickitat, Washington. In a sport where willingness to endure physical abuse is a prerequisite, Mackenzie dominates...but why?