Profiles in Nudity & a Windmaker’s Brilliance

Part of the joy of putting together American Windsurfer, is the sure chance of stumbling on to interesting contributors. Rodney Walden was just a name that Mariel Devesa, a sponsored windsurfer, mentioned one day on the phone. Six months later, his brilliant vision dazzles and electrifies the pages of this issue.


Forecast 2.4

By John Chao

Air Mail

Coffee, Cannolis & Curmudgeonly Yours

Makin’ Waves

Markus Bohm and the Cabarete Kid’s Team

Markus Bohm moved from Germany to Cabarete in the Dominican Republic for windsurfing and to start a sail repair shop. When he arrived on the island his finances ran short and he struggled to make ends meet. He remembered the kindness of the island natives


Quiet Icon

By Maui Meyer

The Windsurf Palace

By Rodney Walden


The First Fan Letter

By Rulf Loos

Robby Naish's first fan letter


How To: The Wymaroo

By Chris Wyman

Northern Exposure

By Caroll-Ann Alie

Southern Jibe

By Tinho Dornellas


Still Sailing After All These Years

By John Chao

Club News

Harmony of Man & Nature

By Scott See

Romancing The Wind

Kissing Time Goodbye

By Frank Saccente