The Boomerang

By Rafael Bach

The Boomerang Jibe is a new move, just born at the end of this summer in Lake Garda, Italy. I used to practice this maneuver in the first gusts of the Ora (the local south wind), when the water is flat and the wind constant—those are the ideal conditions.


Cat, Go, Fish, Babe…

By SteinErik Gabrielsen

With the right gear for teaching, any beginner can learn to waterstart and plane on a shortboard in about five hours of lessons. If the wind is too light for waterstarting, the dynamics can still be taught so the students are prepared as soon as they get more wind.


Airborne WindSurfing

By Carl-Magnus Fogelholm

With the new age, WINGsurfing has become a natural sport to reach the young and skillful board sailors and enthusiasts of extreme sports. Jumping or flying with the wing has been the key to this popularity.


Airborne WindSurfing II

By Misa Leiber

For a long time, my windsurfing friends and I have been trying to find a perfect winter hobby (including wind and air time). In the spring of 1996, I discovered a Skimbat.


Airborne WingSurfing III

By Patrick Blom

POETRY IN MOTION is what observers described 21-year-old Patrick Blom on a Skimbat Wingsurfer.



By Mike Gebhardt

It is said in life that the greatest gift you can offer another, or yourself for that mater, is the quality of your attention. Windsurfing, like life, is a great metaphor for the art of living consciously.


So You Want to Be A Wave Sailor

By Mike Piltzecker

Looking up above your mast you focus on the crest of the wave. Your stomach drops and your heart races. Your board connects with the crest as you’re overcome with exhilaration.