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Editor’s Note: Issue 7.5

By John Chao

AS YOU RECEIVE THIS ISSUE, Olympians Mike Gebhardt and Lanee Butler will be competing in Sydney, Australia, September 16th to the 24th. While the competition heats up, a movement to replace the current Mistral IMCO with the Formula Class racing program is taking place.

Air Mail

Unbelievable Re-Re-Re-Reality

I’m not in the habit of writing letters to magazines but your latest issue brings up such an amazing discrepancy that I just had to this time. In it you devote thirty-two (!) pages to the TAWR, a race that never was, an event that became a non-event

Air Mail

A New Formula or the Status Quo?

By Bruce Kendall

Retired Olympic legend Bruce Kendall is in a unique position to comment on the current debate on replacing the Mistral IMCO with the Formula class for the Olympics. He was a competitor in three Olympic Games, winning the Gold in Pusan and the Bronze in Los Angeles.

Makin’ Waves

A Tribute to Christian Marty

By Laurie Nadel

Pilot Christian Marty is hailed as a hero for steering the blazing aircraft away from a densely populated center of town. The crash killed all 110 people aboard the supersonic jetliner on its way across the Atlantic.

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More Than Half a World to Go

By Dan Welch

My big board carrier, the mothership, is a forty–foot cutter-rigged sailboat named Daq'Attack. Four satellite boards are strapped to her deck; the fore cabin is choked with sails, booms, fins, and all spare parts necessary to repair the gear because, where we’re headed, no one accepts American Express.



The World Cup event at Gran Canaria was just a possible low priority event on our calendar. Even a week before, there was no plan for the magazine to cover the overseas gathering. How quickly things can change.


A Twenty Year Click

Arcadio Suarez Ramirez grew up on the shores of Gran Canaria with the winds howling against his little fishing village of Arinaga. Arinaga is the first town north of the famous Pozo Beach where the Grand Slam World Cup event is held every year.

Aria Canaria

By John Chao

The island is referred to as a “miniature continent”. Roughly circular in shape with a central mountainous ridge that runs from the NW to the SE, it delimits and encloses two very dissimilar climatic zones. The trade winds, which are part of the Azores anticyclone, blow throughout the whole year over the island.

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Grand Slammed @ Gran Canaria

By Rob Bryant

The biggest windsurfing event of the World Cup happens each year on the island of Gran Canaria. Not only does it tout the biggest prize money ($180,000) it's also the home of the strongest and nastiest wind and wave of the tour.


A Circus Comes to Town

By Martin Trees

Cars and trucks were backed up from the Hood River Bridge straddling the Columbia River to Interstate 84. Actually, sitting in my car was the only rest I’d had in four days, but I wasn’t the only tired person around.