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WindMakers Up Close!

Robert Capa, the famous war photographer, once said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”


Uncovering The Origins of Windsurfing

By John Chao

It was a breezy afternoon on an obscure lake in the middle of New Hampshire that fate crossed my path, chuckling with a mysterious sense of serendipity.

Air Mail

Cyclonic Congratulations for Flying High!

I’ve read a flock of pilot reports on various flying machines, but very few that signaled the pure joy of flight that you share in your Windsurfer’s trek...

Makin’ Waves

Making Waves of Amber Grain

What do Forrest Gump, Luke Skywalker and Yvette Jackson a have in common?

Makin’ Waves


By Patrick McFeeley

“Men will always strive and push their limits if you put money in front of their faces” says Kilborne.

Windsurfing – A New Concept in Sailing

By Jim Drake

A quick call to Jim Drake confirmed that what we had was not only authentic, but perhaps the only loose original manuscript in existence.


Origins of Windsurfing: Jim Drake

By John Chao

My first impression of Jim Drake, both on the phone and in person, revealed to me that here is a man of unparalleled modesty.


Origins of Windsurfing: Hoyle Schweitzer

By John Chao

Hoyle and Diane Schweitzer were motoring around the world when I boarded their yacht on the shores of Georgian Bay, about 2 hours north of Toronto.

Origins of Windsurfing: Matt Schweitzer

By John Chao

Matt Schweitzer’s home is an hour drive from the windsurfing epicenter of Maui, in the south shore town of Kahana.

Concrete Sailor

By Will Triggs / Brian Carlisle

For the last four years, joggers, dog walkers and beachcombers at Crissy field in San Francisco have been treated to the unusual sight of a group of renegade windsurfers...

Gone WindFishing: A Very Big Fish Story

By Carrie Robertson

Many wind fishing enthusiasts come into the sport with a windsurfing background and little or no fishing experience.

WindSurfer Goes to, a Party!

"Oh yes, yes, yes! You look absolutely Maarvelous! Come along my sweet succulent paparazzi, this night is made for taking pictures."