Even if you've never windsurfed, you will enjoy AMERICAN WINDSURFER. In fact, after reading just one issue, you'll likely want to take up the sport. Why? Not merely because the sport is so aesthetically inviting, but because windsurfers are interesting people with abundant passion. They clearly re-create by pursuing an environmentally, physically and spiritually healthy quest. Fly with an F-16 pilot who goes windsurfing to get his thrills, or windsurf with Bill Koch, the father of America3, the all-women America's Cup team. Visit with a man who tried to windsurf his way out of communist Czechoslovakia in the '80's, or cruise with senior citizens who have traded in their bingo cards for sailboards. Get behind the image of Bjorn Dunkerbeck, the enigmatic 11-time World Champion, or travel to exotic windy locations on glorious full-page photographs. You can even get to know the windsurfer who would be president.  
In 1998, we began reviewing and testing windsurfing equipment, and we have learned a lot about how to do the job right. Now we have an ambitious but attainable plan for bringing clarity, precision and accuracy to that difficult job-in short, to raise testing to a new, practical level. Our goal is to make the information truly useful to the majority of windsurfers, and we are committed to not misguiding you with vague or casual reporting. It's a promise that may be easy to make, but it requires hours of care and dedication, which we gladly put in. For every issue, we've put the contents and selected articles online, but nothing compares to seeing it all in print. You can get back issues so you can read windsurfing history, of course. But by subscribing, you will be part of the future.  
AMERICAN WINDSURFER. Every page is an adventure. We believe it is the best windsurfing magazine in the world. It takes you on a journey into the heart and soul of the sport, via unpredictable and versatile articles, in-depth interviews, and award-winning design and photography-all presented in a creative, high-gloss format. Since our birth in 1993, we have dedicated ourselves to exposing and magnifying the inspiring sport of windsurfing, and we continue to boost it into the next millennium.